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Clarion Vocational Services

Information provided by: Clarion County Mental Health/Mental Retardation and Drug & Alcohol Administration

We have a philosophy that respects the dignity and worth of all individuals. We believe individuals with disabilities can improve their vocational abilities. With support, understanding, and maximizing of their potential, these people can contribute to and enjoy life more fully. We also believe that this growth and development occurs best in a realistic work setting. Our main purpose is to help individuals become as independent and self-supportive as possible. At Clarion Vocational Services we provide training and employment for individuals who need specific skills to gain competitive employment in the community. We do not go into the community and do job coaching, but rather we provided the training needed in a real work environment that is necessary to succeed in the community. When a consumer receives services from CVS they are receiving training and employment. Thus, they are paid at least minimum wage. Some of the objectives of the program are: 1. To enable persons to develop personally, socially, and vocationally, through a supportive work experience. 2. To aid in preparing individuals for competitive employment in the food and janitorial industry by teaching relevant skills. 3. To provide immediate employment for individuals unable to maintain employment independently. Clarion Vocational Services operates a snack shop in the county office building at 214 South 7th Avenue in Clarion. With the food service we involve our consumers in all aspects with appropriate supervision. They practice taking orders, they learn the menu and the correct questions to ask when people order food. This also entails the correct way to greet a customer; this can be an asset to many of our consumers because it gives them an opportunity to meet and talk to many people they normally would not get to know. The consumer also learns to run a cash register, andmake change. They learn to cook many of the menu items, stock supplies, and how to clean up the kitchen at the end of the day. The second division of Clarion Vocational Services is Grimefighters, a mobile janitorial work force. Skills that are taught are sweeping vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning restrooms. We clean offices, homes, new business, and college apartments. We also have mowing equipment and do the mowing at a residential facility in Clarion. This job is usually split between 2 or 3 workers because it is a very big job. We have a riding mower, push mower, and a weed eater. Consumers do this work with appropriate supervision. It's important for the individuals we provide services to be treated with respect at their particular work activity. We strive for this. We understand that we do not always see big improvements day to day in our consumers, but if we look at the big picture the individuals we serve all improve in one way or another. There is dignity in work and sometimes just having a job to go to can make the world of difference to a person who needs some direction in their life.
  • Specific Populations Served:MH, MR

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